President’s address

Kerry Mould
President Ottawa Chapter

The Ottawa Chapter’s CAVUNP is a local association representing men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, Federal, Provincial and Municipal police services, and civilians who have served Canada and the international community for over the past fifty-five years on Peacekeeping missions throughout the world. Our goal and objectives are in concert with the National Goals and Objectives of the National CAVUNP Headquarters.

 Our primary objective is to support Peacekeeping Veterans and their families by including a comprehensive education program for our young Canadians in the role Canada plays with respect to the United Nations and other international Peacekeeping missions. This is accomplished by the members of the Ottawa Chapter, working closely with various organizations, cadets, schools and veterans’ organizations across the city.

As the City of Ottawa, has a massive grouping for the Capital Region Remembrance Day event on November 11th, the annual Peacekeepers’ Day is held on August 9th at the Reconciliation Monument with the participation of former and present peacekeepers. The public, families and friends are welcomed to attend.

In the Service of Peace.

Kerry Mould


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